A simple idea…

The last couple of years have been pretty exiting for the private investor. With the advent of affordable investing platforms like Easy Equities and the introduction of Tax Free Savings Accounts (or Tax Free Investment Accounts) the average Joe out there has never before been this empowered and in charge of his (or her) own financial future!

Along with this came a slew of new investors talking, posting and debating online about the best products out there. New guys asking how to start, old guys giving advice and heated arguments about the inner workings of stockbroking companies are all part of this daily “get together”.

Of course I’m part of it. I started with FNB’s Share Saver account when it just launched and slowly taught myself (at cost!) how all of this works – well at least the parts relevant to me.

Many times on forums I try and answer some guy’s question to the best of my knowledge but often it is lost in vast amount of information being posted every day.

And that brings us to this site: Finblog. The idea is to post what I know in a very basic language and make it easy to understand for the average guy. I’m by no means a professional and the content on here are purely for you to learn about something new or get somebody else’s opinion. You should always do your own research and consult a registered financial advisor before making financial decisions. Never ever invest or make use of a product you do not understand.

There are other resources out there that are very helpful including:
* Just One Lap – It is run by Simon Brown and a fantastic resource for personal finance management.
* The Share Forum – You are given R100,000 fake money every month throughout the year and can use it to test your investment skills!
* Platinum Wealth – Run by Erik, it started as a forum for investment clubs but is slowly transforming into a general resource for financial adviCe and debate.

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